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The Underground Experience Presents “EATZ & BEATZ” featuring Celebrity Chef Jack Lee & Award Winning Music Producer Scott Spock (The Matrix)!
December 06, 2012 02:15 AM PST
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The Underground Experience Presents “EATZ & BEATZ” featuring Celebrity Chef Jack Lee & Award Winning Music Producer Scott Spock (The Matrix)!

Musical Artists Include: Alex Chaffon, Young Slugs, Ali Sadeghian, Ben Siems, Swiss Beatz ft. Chris Brown & Ludacris, Avril Lavigne, Jason Mraz, Korn, Rihanna & Christina Aguilera!

Oscar winners Angelina Jolie, Clint Eastwood, and Hillary Swank, as well as icons like Oprah Winfrey and Barbra Streisand know him as more than a chef. For these notable names, Chef Jack Lee, is a true artist both in the presentation of his meals and one’s palate. Chef Lee hit the ground running after graduating the California School of Culinary Arts and the Le Cordon Bleu program, where he began refining his skills by working at a variety of prestigious restaurants with influential chefs from around the world. Chef Humberto Contreras and Chef Douglas Dodd of the Hotel Bel-Air are among the recent influences in Chef Lee’ scareer.

Chef Jack Lee’s dedication and vast experience for over a decade has proven him to be one of the finest chefs in the business. His impressive versatility and mastery of Asian and California-French cuisine led to his position as The Banquet Chef at Hotel Bel Air where his career flourished for three years catering the birthday parties of such luminaries as Oprah Winfrey, Patti Labelle, and Nancy Reagan.
In addition, Chef Lee successfully handled several entertainment industry events from small personalized dinners for Angelina Jolie and Kobe Bryant to big events such as the Oscar celebration for the Million Dollar Baby with Clint Eastwood and Hilary Swank and Oprah Winfrey’s Wedding of the Century. Chef Lee’s expertise has also kept the appetites of dignitaries such as the royal family of Brunei and many other prominent politicians satiated. In the midst of all this cooking, this hard working chef is also writing a cookbook for kids and has a cooking show pilot in development.

Born in Vietnam to Chinese parents, Chef Lee has incorporated his international lifestyle and his worldly upbringing into his tasty and whimsical global fusion of Eastern and Western cuisine.

Scott Spock alongside Graham Edwards and Lauren Christy of The Matrix are hitmakers for some of the top names in music today. The Matrix gained fame in the early 2000s after writing and producing a series of hits for artists including Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera, Liz Phair, Busted, Rihanna, Hilary Duff, Avril Lavigne, McFly, Jason Mraz, Ashley Tisdale, Shakira, Britney Spears, Skye Sweetnam, Tokio Hotel and Miranda Cosgrove. They went on to co-write and produce Korn’s seventh studio album See You on the Other Side which sold over two million copies worldwide.

The Matrix will produce the song titled “Original Painting” featuring both Chinese and Western nuances, that will be set for release later this year. A number of unusual musical elements and effects will be incorporated to showcase Uta’s unique style, bringing her personality to the forefront. “Original Painting”will be released in both English and Mandarin, the latter featuring lyrics by Uta.

Spock comments, “Uta’s control over music has surpassed all the other artists with whom I have ever worked.”

“Winning RockTheWeb! was truly life changing for me,” said Uta. “I’m so grateful for the many opportunities the show has opened up for me as I pursue my career in music. The chance to work with Seth Riggs and Scott Spock of The Matrix is beyond any dream I could have imagined. I cannot wait for music fans in China and around the world to hear my new single!

The international team recorded the single this weekend at “Rock The House,” the new $3.5 million home recording studio in Santa Monica, California. The studio, created by Tyler Barth, VP of Blue Microphones, along with GRAMMY® winner Jack Joseph Puig and several pro audio partners, provide music artists a world-class recording experience. Uta is also working with famed cinematographer Christopher Doyle to conceptualize and film the song’s accompanying video.

The collaboration marks the first China-US collaboration for the award-winning writing and production company.

About RockTheWeb! – RockTheWeb! is an online, traditional TV and mobile devices singing competition and a community for everyone who loves music. The RockTheWeb! platform is a stage for singers to showcase their talent to a local and global audience. Everyone gets a chance to shine! www.rocktheweb.cn, www.rocktheweb.com,www.facebook.com/rocktheweb

Broadcast # 148

Wednesday (11/21)& Thursday (11/22)

Duration: 0:58:49

The Underground Experience Presents “South LA: Angel City” Cory Hardrict & Mo McRae!
December 06, 2012 01:20 AM PST
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The Underground Experience Presents “South LA: Angel City” Cory Hardrict & Mo McRae!

Join me for an exclusive romp on the Red Carpet & Screening of this amazing Independent TV production at The Supper Club in Hollywood (Tuesday 11/13/12)

Musical Artists Include: CLF, MzTeQui, CJayy, Shotunez, Keisha Cole ft. Meek Mills, Ne-Yo ft. Jeezy & Ra Vaughn, Carty Yeah!

Broadcast # 147A

Duration: 1:07:00

Air Date: Monday (11/19/12)

The Underground Experience Presents “In The Swing Of Things’with Uncle Earl “
December 03, 2012 04:40 AM PST
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The Underground Experience Presents “In The Swing Of Things’with Uncle Earl “

Musical Artists Include:

Club Star/Ill Touch, Apple Space Bar, Nicole Taylor, Aswad Mikal, Fyah Ft. Jae Luis, Lisa Marie Panagos, Alyshen, DJ Yurak, KIB, Cory Phillips, Chris Dair!

Broadcast # 147

Wednesday (11/14) & Thursday (11/15)

Duration: 0:56:08

The Underground Experience Presents “Music For The Lover In You”
December 03, 2012 04:22 AM PST
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The Underground Experience Presents “Music For The Lover In You”

Musical Artists Include:
Jimmy Z. & Slidin’ Slim, Scott Mahoney, Heather Cole, Greg Coleman, David Panozzo, Exit 22, The Cheek Of Her, David Ruffin Jr., Sheila De Witt, The Kings Of Oblivion, 7 Horses!

Broadcast # 146

Duration: 0:54:00

Broadcast: 11/12/12

Sharin’, Carin’ & Lovin’ with Uncle Earl
November 11, 2012 08:34 PM PST
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The Underground Experience Presents “Sharin’, Carin’ & Lovin’ with Uncle Earl “

Just Spreading Love, Joy & Understanding!

Musical Artists Include:

Richie D’Rell ft. Dr. Dre, Eric Jordan, Promise Marks, Kodyne, Lost Without Cause, Ronnie Canada, Izik 5, Stephen Wrench, L&O ft. Valentine & Dretonios, Frostize, Frankie D’Augusta!

Broadcast # 144

Air Date: 10/24/12

Duration: 0:56:00

Musik and Film & Music Xray Showdown
November 11, 2012 07:28 PM PST
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The Underground Experience Presents “Musik and Film & Music Xray Showdown ”

Come experience 2 new major forces in the music industry!

Musical Artists Include: Oxford Train, Babble, Nina Jo Smith, Scott Nicol, Ozark gore, Noam Weinstein, Monks Of Mellonwah, Ronnie Run, Splash D, Fort Knox!

Broadcast # 143

Air Date: 10/17/12

Duration: 1:00:15

Just Chill Music
November 11, 2012 05:17 PM PST
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The Underground Experience Presents “Just Chill Music”

Music That Soothes & Grooves!

Musical Artists Include: Edmund Simental, Funkee Boy, 4Q Rock Band, Sneaking Around, Shred Rot, Alvaro M. Rocha, Earl J. Foster Jr., Ali Sadeghian, Williams & Williams!

Broadcast # 142

Air Date: 10/10/12

Duration: 1:00:18

Uncle’s Roulette Wheel Of Soundz
November 11, 2012 04:54 PM PST
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The Underground Experience Presents “Uncle’s Roulette Wheel Of Soundz”

Round & Round She Goes & Goes & Where We Stop Only Uncle Knows LOL!

Musical Artists Include: Jaiden Stylez, Da Bricklayaz, Richard Downs, Matteo, Martin Stephens, Iveza, Jaii Stylez, Ken Rhyne, Free From Gravity, The Franklin Brothers, Mikal-7 ft. Eboni, Brian Jarvis!

Broadcast # 141

Air Date: 10/3/12

Duration: 0:56:00

“Uncle Earl’s Downtown, Crosstown, Around Town Special”
November 11, 2012 04:36 PM PST
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The Underground Experience Presents “Uncle Earl’s Downtown, Crosstown, Around Town Special”

Featuring Excerpts From Classically Digital at LACDA, Valarie Pettiford at The Renberg Theatre in Hollywood and The Pershing Square Digital Art & Music Festival!

Classically Digital is the culmination of classical music fused with modern digital art. The past clashed with the present at our fantastic art show/concert on Saturday, September 22, 2012 at 6pm.

Musical Artists Include: Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra, Free Food, Ruby Friedman Orchestra, Neil Halstead, Elpis, Debussi, Valarie Pettiford, Prinzeono, Stephane Bonan, Ann Kelly!

Broadcast # 140A

Air Date: 10/1/12

Duration: 0:58:23

“Uncle Earl’s Indie & Major New Music Expo Revisited”
November 11, 2012 03:12 PM PST
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The Underground Experience Presents “Uncle Earl’s Indie & Major New Music Expo Revisited”

Bringing You More…..More……More New, Fresh Sounds To Stimulate Your Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul & Libido……OOOPS I’ll Quit While I’m Ahead…….LOL clown)

Musical Artists Include: Ronnie Canada, Kathy Duff, KC Jockey, Hangin’ With Stogie, Maroon 5, Mr. Sipp ft. Cashout, Alex Clare, BDouble.LZ, Demeriese Naima Valier, Nicole Taylor, Flo Rida, Uncle Earl ft. Oaxaca Kahn!

Broadcast # 140

Air Date: 9/26/12

Duration: 0:55:10

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